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Don't Build Without It.

C.A.T.S.® manages material inventory and traceability data before and during construction. Detailed inventory reporting dashboards show where your project materials are. Asset-level traceability data can be integrated with an advanced GIS platform and Asset Data Summary within Epilogue® for complete peace of mind.

Inventory Controls

Logistics Management

Best-In-Class QA/QC

Traceable Compliance

Data-Driven Materials Management

  • Manage purchase order (PO) fulfillment
  • Manage warehouse & yard inventory
  • Track items through the supply chain

Traceability Assurance

  • Joint and asset-level material data
  • Traceability from manufacturing through installation
  • Veteran traceability team and expertise

Location Data

  • See last known location of every asset
  • Access asset documentation with a click
  • Search for specific assets using a map

Unparalleled Assurance

C.A.T.S® is the Best-In-Class solution for pipeline and facility construction projects to manage the supply chain, while also securing all regulatory-required material information.

Everything at Your Fingertips for Regulatory / PHMSA Construction Audits

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